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Januar, Mwezi wa kwanza 2021

Ein bisschen mehr als nur Musik!

Ende Dezember 2020 durften wir den Musiklehrer Hassan Mahenge bei uns im Kinderdorf begrüßen. Er unterrichtet nun schon seit mehreren Jahren unsere Kinder in Musik, Tanz, Gesang und Choreografie. Für viele Kinder ist diese Woche voller Musik das absolute Highlight des Jahres. Doch auch Hassan kommt immer wieder gerne zu uns nach Mbigili.

Was er über die Jahre beobachten konnte und weshalb dieser Musikkurs auch für ihn ein Herzensprojekt geworden ist, möchte er gerne selbst erzählen:


my name is Hassan Mahenge. I‘m a music teacher and the Artistic Director of the Dhow Countries Music Academy in Zanzibar.

I have been teaching music education for the children of Amani Orphans Home Mbigili since 2012. The first time I arrived there, it was one of the most challenging situations which I’ve faced in my career. To be taught music and dance was completely something new to the children.

And nearly all of them were too shy to talk or to explain their challenges. They always looked down when they talked to me…

I decided to focus on teaching music lesson that could build their confidence and the ability to talk, ask, discuss and perform in front of the audience which was MAMAS, STAFFS AND all WORKERS at the last day be

fore I left back to Zanzibar.

When I teach them music and dance I always focus on the following studies:

1.History of the music I teach. 2.Geographic area of the music, and dance I teach.

3.The music ethnics and Tanzanian music cultural agreements etc.

4.Western music theory, keyboard and guitar is also one of lessons I introduce and teach.

Those topics above it always help the children to build more confidence to talk and having a full understanding of what they are learning. It also encourages them for raising a discussion that help me as a teacher to talk freely to them. In the end they are always happy and full with expression and energy.

Tanzanian music, dance and drumming also helps overall the brain development by stimulating the left and right sides of the brain simultaneously. Children have to use different parts of their brains to listen to the music around them, to instruct their bodies to move and to understand the rhythms to create their own ones.

Music education for children is one of the best things to do, because it also sharpens their brain for other subjects in schools. This has also been proved by scientists. But also the children become physically fit and strong because of dancing, singing and drumming. And all of that has to go together.

When I went again at Amani Ophans Home Mbigili last December 2020, I’ve recognised a very big development about the confidence of the children. The shy issues were almost gone. They were full of expressions and energy and have a freedom to talk and discuss. Those things were not there at the first years when I started to teach them. Therefore I'm very happy for this and be a part of this development. The most amazing thing is that the children tried to create their own dance, out of something they saw on television. When I‘ve arrived they told me that they wanted to show me what they created on their own. As they did so, I’ve recognised they used wonderfull and amazing dance patterns.

I also had the chance to meet a lot of children which I’ve started with in 2012. They are now studying in secondary schools, university and different colleges. For more than 90 percent they have passed very well their exams. I’m sure, this is because of the many learning opportunities which they are offered at the AOHM. The combination out of the right school, good care and a nice learning athmosphere made out of shy children confident young adults!

I would like to take this opportunity to ask all the good people and donors who have been supporting and funding this education opportunities for the children, to continue to support this project, so that the children can have their right for education.

Warm regards

Hassani Mahenge

Wir danken Hassan für seine großartige Arbeit über viele Jahre hinweg!

Und wir danken Ihnen im Namen ALLER Kinder und MitarbeiterInnen

des Amani Orphans Home Mbigili

für Ihre Unterstützung!



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